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Project Overview

BSI have shaped best practice for over 100 years, helping organisations around the world embed excellence, build competence and capability for sustainable growth. Their Food Safety team are marketing their new software partner - HorizonScan. The BSI team chose REAS Group to put together a product video to help showcase HorizonScan to their target audience.

Project Execution

How did REAS Group approach this project?

  • We worked closely together with the BSI team to enhance and improve an initial storyboard which they supplied. We provided them with an updated storyboard which was designed by our graphics artist, Lauren Billings.
  • During the preproduction stage of the project we sourced actors, filming locations permissions, conducted equipment checks and organised the project by compiling call sheets, production schedules, gantt charts and risk assessments.
  • During Production we went on site to film the video, following the structure laid out in our production schedule.
  • Our Video Editor, Robin Lee, then worked his magic during the post production phase. He made the video dynamic by adding a carefully selected soundtrack, sound effects and set of text call outs. He ensured to follow the BSI brand guidelines to make sure our client was provided with an asset which was consistent with their marketing aesthetic.
  • As part of our distribution phase we returned the video to the client via a downloadable Vimeo link.


The BSI Food Saftey team were delighted with the end result! They have shared it on their platforms and website to help drive awareness about the software types they use to ensure the quality of food is checked thoroughly and is safe to consume! 

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