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High impact training content

Video is a more engaging way to learn and helps you retain more of what you learn - because it's memorable! Video training can be easily integrated into existing learning management systems and can be viewed on any device. Video training is an engaging and memorable way to deliver key messages, train your staff or explain a concept. You can even combine slide presentations with custom-designed animations, voiceovers, videos etc, that can be created specifically for you.

Providing the best for your team

What are the benefits?

A video which is personalised to your business will achieve much more than an off-the-shelf, generic training video -these are often dry and outdated. We will help to produce your training content by filming your staff in their real environments talking about real issues or updates concerning products, services or policy. It's totally customised to you, your staff and your business ethos!

Better engagement
Increased retention of key information
Video content can be reused
It's easy to access for your staff
Boosts productivity and development
Video content is flexible
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Our Content Production Process

So how do we do it?

We approach video content by collaborating with clients to produce the best possible outcomes. Our firm works with organisations across countless industries, to improve their digital presence and engage their target audiences.

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1. Scoping your requirement

We will arrange an initial scoping meeting to discuss your requirements and understand your vision. We'll then come back to you with a bespoke proposal and project plan which will be confirmed with stakeholders in a second project meeting.

2. Pre-Production

During the pre-production stage we will ensure mood boards/storyboards are approved by your team, recce's are completed and any filming permissions are obtained.

3. Production

We'll film your project using our suite of industry leading equipment. During this phase we'll ensure we have a production manager, production assistant, videographer and director on site to ensure we meet project goals.

4.Post-Production and Distribution

We use platforms like the Adobe suite and Final Cut Pro to produce great end results. Our audio expert can also produce engaging sound tracks and powerful sound affects to take your video to the next level! We will provide your content back to you in the most suitable format ready to be displayed on your chosen platform.

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"They worked efficiently and helped to get the best out of me"

It was great working with Ajeet and Robin to film the promotional video for our SIGA SIRVS governance rating. Both showed their creativity by quickly adapting to the venue we were using and identifying the best way to capture the content to present our story in the best way. They worked efficiently and helped to get the best out of me with encouragement and suggestions which ensure the end result was of the high standard I was expecting.

David Butler
General Manager at The European Rugby League

"I would wholeheartedly recommend them!"

I have worked with the REAS Group since they were founded, and they have always provided excellent service, whether it be for projects for my own company, Quality Partner Limited, or the work on the SMMT-IAOB You Tube channel. They have always been willing and able to take my design concepts and come up with innovative and creative solutions to meet my needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend them!

Paul Hardiman
Director at Quality Partner

"They made our original concept come to life with flair and finesse"

The REAS Group team are both super creative and organised. They made our original connect come to life with flair and finesse. We absolutely love their work and have repeatedly trusted them to represent our brand, values and image.

Erica Colson
Global Marketing Lead - Product Certification