Hey everyone, I am Sparsh. I am currently pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad [2017 - 2021]. I am a Flutter Developer and a UI/UX designer, and this goes without saying that I love what I do. I am also an ex-competitive gamer, but my love for gaming is still there.

I started this journey of mine 2 years ago when I got recruited in Team Conatus, the technical society of our department. My seniors and my colleagues motivated me to improve on my present skill set and learn something new. That's when I got first introduced to Flutter. Things were tough initially, given the steep learning curve, but it all worked out in the end. The thing which remained constant all this time was me giving it my all, no matter what.

Now, here I am working with the REAS group. I am very thankful to team REAS for granting me this opportunity and everyone who has supported me all this time. And like always, I will give it my all.

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