I am from Computer Science Engineering background doing my Bachelor’s from AKGEC, Ghaziabad, India.
I started working with an early stage startup during my 2nd year where I got my hands dirty on Angular and Reactive Programming extensively.
This gave a kickstart to my love for technology and digital product building. I love to deep dive into behind the scenes working of frameworks.
I specialise in Angular, Node and React for now and I am exploring the ins and outs of Flutter at this stage.

Besides coding, I love playing chess and teaching. I have recently started a Youtube channel named Evoqys(Evolving Quality Software) along with my friend Naimish where we share our technical knowledge with people. I recently joined  GirlScript organisation as a volunteer that aims at providing technical guidance to people of smaller cities in India with 50% seats for girls.

For future, there are a lot of ideas and technologies to explore and a lot more to uplift the technical knowledge of people and help them in growing. I aspire to continue working on the tech and share my knowledge through youtube and blog posts.

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