Andrejus Kostarevas

Lead App Developer

I’m all about bringing the scale of Cloud into our users’ hands


Andrejus Kostarevas

I come from a Computer Science background having studied it in the International Baccalaureate and achieving a BSc in the field from the University of Reading.

I spent most of my time at University building embedded prototypes for Internet of Things projects with a heavy emphasis on Cloud backends. It was this experience that gave me an appreciation for the sheer scale of the Internet, where every millisecond matters.

Currently, I specialise in building reliable and performant Cloud platforms for apps such as KonnekApp.

By leveraging managed compute platforms from Google Cloud, ideas such as KonnekApp can be brought to life faster than ever before.

There are still many great ideas that have yet to see light of day, and there are also equally as many technologies yet to be played around with. I aspire to stay involved in both, and sharing my learnings with wider audiences through the Google Developers programme and blog posts.