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Looking at social media stats is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. You know you should be doing it, but who has time? We have social media management specialists who focus on analysing your data and creating the most effective strategy to grow your business through the medium that best suits you.

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Live Stream

We have invested heavily in purchasing and training our staff on the lastest equipment available to create seamless Liver Stream events. We know that many events have switched to hybrid forms and we're here to help you connect with all audiences be they remote or in person! 


We have our own in house software engineering team who have worked hard to launch our application platform. KonnekApp lets any organisation display content such as video, PDFs, PPTX, Excel, Audio etc, and learn who is watching them through critical analytics. To find out more, please visit

Voice Over Artists

Do you need a voiceover artist for your video content? We've got a wealth of artist we've previously worked with and can vouch for! When we're creating client content we need to make sure everything syncs up to the right tone. This is achieved through voiceovers, backing tracks, SFX etc.

Audio Experts

We have in house Audio expertise. We will make sure that your content has the most fitting soundtrack and sound effects (SFX). These help to create more engaging and modern video content which is far more memorable to your desired audience! We create bespoke tracks just for you.

360° Video

We own several multi-lens 360° video cameras
which record in 8K video quality. The footage and graphics are stitched together into one seamless video, which can be viewed using Oculus Go headsets for a fully immersive experience or on a 2D screen on any smart mobile device.

Drone Video

Drone footage adds new dimensions to any video and is a great way to capture a birds eye view of a town, building plot, business site etc. We use the DJI Mavic pro drone to capture dynamic aerial shots. To see examples from our aerial expert please view here.

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We know how to execute powerful social media strategies

Social media is an important marketing tool and as a business you're looking for ways to use it to engage your customers, increase your brand awareness, and sell more products. The REAS creative team are experts in each platform, we understand the different asset requirements and dimensions so can create lasting content for social network.  Theres many great platforms out there for you to choose from and opportunities for growth in all areas of your social strategy.

Social media

Directly connecting with key audiences is a vital strength of social media networks and our team are experts in getting the best out of each platforms. Every piece of content is pushed out carefully to maximise on results for your brand. We will provide you with an expert strategy on how to reach your social media goals! 


Using YouTube can help your business become more visible within Google search as well as expose you to a new audience. Scheduling regular posts on the platform can help your increase your brand presence. Plus, Youtube connects people with similar interests, so it'll bring in regular audience members  interested in your content time and time again.


Instagram allows you to portray your business in a visual form allowing your followers to see your products and services. Increasing engagement within the platform would allow for greater reach and impressions. In 2021, Oberlo calculated that Instagram has 1.074 billion users worldwide. Therefore, visual elements to your social strategy is a must! 


A Linkedin company page helps your business seek  networking opportunities, connect with brands, and build business relationships. A Linkedin company profile allows potential customers to understand your business better and follow the page to keep up to date with your progress. We can also access a bank of helpful analytics which will show how successful your social strategy is.

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"They worked efficiently and helped to get the best out of me"

It was great working with Ajeet and Robin to film the promotional video for our SIGA SIRVS governance rating. Both showed their creativity by quickly adapting to the venue we were using and identifying the best way to capture the content to present our story in the best way. They worked efficiently and helped to get the best out of me with encouragement and suggestions which ensure the end result was of the high standard I was expecting.

David Butler
General Manager at The European Rugby League

"I would wholeheartedly recommend them!"

I have worked with the REAS Group since they were founded, and they have always provided excellent service, whether it be for projects for my own company, Quality Partner Limited, or the work on the SMMT-IAOB You Tube channel. They have always been willing and able to take my design concepts and come up with innovative and creative solutions to meet my needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend them!

Paul Hardiman
Director at Quality Partner

"They made our original concept come to life with flair and finesse"

The REAS Group team are both super creative and organised. They made our original connect come to life with flair and finesse. We absolutely love their work and have repeatedly trusted them to represent our brand, values and image.

Erica Colson
Global Marketing Lead - Product Certification