Why do it?

Around the world almost anything can be found and shared on social media. And video is the preferred method of communication. Did you know, according to Think with Google, YouTube reaches more 18+year-olds during prime-time viewing hours than any cable TV network. For businesses, it can be hard to differentiate your brand, products and services on busy platforms. At REAS, we love taking our client’s challenge and making them ours. Our talented team of video experts from cinematographers, editors to VFX artists are here to create vibrant, unique and engaging video content that wow your customers.

Additionally, live streams are a great way to digitise your events. In today's global climate getting everyone in the same room is not always possible. The REAS team are experts in creating unforgettable and engaging digitally streamed events, allowing you to capitalise on a global audience. Live streams are a great alternative to face to face events because costs such as travel, venue and catering are completely cut out!

“Live video grew by 93%, with an average viewing time of 26.4 minutes per session.” Conviva 2019

How can we help?

We know that no two companies are quite the same, and so we take the time to get to know you and your business to help you achieve those hard to reach stretch goals! It’s our personalised approach that makes doing business with us feel more like family rather than a client and supplier arrangement. It means when you call, chat or msg us, it doesn’t matter when it is, we’ll be there for you.

Also, in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that businesses need to have an alternative to physical events. Live streaming enables you to continue to engage with audiences even if you are not able to meet them face to face. This means your business can thrive, even amongst a global crisis! REAS will take care of your live stream set up using the latest live stream cameras, audio capture and streaming encoders. We will help you to establish the best structure for your live stream in order to boost engagement. Let us make your live stream interactive by incorporating live chats and audience opinion polls.

The REAS way of doing business

It’s great having awesome video content but it's not always obvious which platforms are best to push them on. REAS offers expert advice on where to place your content and how best to use each platform to reach audiences that you didn’t even know you had! We can also help you to manage and grow your social media channels from YouTube to Vimeo. Whether it's premiering new content or scheduling upcoming videos our team of channel managers can ensure your content is managed seamlessly.

Plus, we will also ensure that your live event is broadcasted no matter what the scale. We are experts in visual and audio set up and will look after your event from pre production to production right through to post production. The great thing about live streaming is that all your favourite platforms support it - YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. This means your audience should have some knowledge in how to navigate your chosen platform, greatly reducing the scope for technical issues. 

How is this going to help my organisation?

Today, video is now more important than ever and if you aren't creating the right content to promote your business then you’re going to fall behind! An authentic video of what you do and what your key products and services are is a great way to resonate with your target audience, generate new leads and raise your business profile.

Plus, by opting for live streams, you are moving in the direction of modern technology and helping to boost your client engagement. It's not always the case that your desired audience can travel to a one off event, however they are more likely to have time to tune into a live stream video. Plus, if they are unable to catch the live stream video at the designated time, they always have the option to watch it back later once we've uploaded it to your desired channel - meaning one event can reward you with video content to continually push on your platforms. 

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