Why do it?

When you use social media video channels like YouTube and Vimeo, they still allow your users to view content from other providers or worse, even your competitors! We've developed a solution. Wouldn't' it be great for your company to have its own video social media channel?

How can we help?

We have developed a cross platform mobile video app which allows you to host video content. With KonnekApp you can capture and process user data and rest assured this is fully compliant way with GDPR standards. See who's viewing which content, providing you with a 'hot' lead, to boost your lead gen and sales.

The REAS way of doing business

We've developed our app for businesses who need to know who is consuming their content and to create new value propositions to grow your business. KonnekApp allows you to customise your app platform to keep consistent with your brand.

How is this going to help my organisation?

Meet the needs of customers based on what content they're engaging with and grow your bottom line with content that can continually be refreshed in a cost effective way. Head to https://www.konnek.app/ for more info! 

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