Why do it?

Digital marketing provides useful insights into your target audience by boosting your engagement activity across a range of platforms. In today's world being active on social media is a must! It is an essential part of communicating your marketing message.

According to Forbes more than 500 million Facebook users are watching videos on Facebook every day. Our digital marketing service combines media and technology to support and communicate value to your customers.

How can we help?

We will help you build up your brand by showing you how to manipulate social media platforms to work to your advantage. Social media can be a great tool for lead generation if used correctly. You can depend on REAS Group to successfully manage your online presence, we will ensure that you are posting timely, up to date content, as well as actively engaging with your customers. We will help you to research your preferred audience and target multi-media content towards what they are looking for from videos to podcasts to creative emails and landing pages. After all, we know that screen time is rising and reading rates are falling, and this isn't just in reference to young people (Washington Post).

The REAS way of doing business

We stay ahead of all the latest trends meaning we know things like - Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images (according to Buffer) and that people spend on average 3 hours a day on social media (Globalwebindex 2018). We also have a wide range of experience in creating branding (i.e. web banners, thumbnails, promotional videos, imagery and more) and managing it on various platform. We have done this successfully for clients such as the IAOB and SMMT who's YouTube channel we grew to over 1000 subscribers in less than 3 months!

How is this going to help my organisation?

There isn't another option! Digital marketing is a must and is the best way to communicate your message to your audience. With a well thought out digital marketing plan in place and the correct management team, your brand will be boosted with minimal effort from you. Let us take care of growing your brand and generating leads whilst you take care of what you do best!

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