Why do it?

More than £190,000 a day is lost in the UK by victims of cyber-crime, police statistics show. And for the 32% of UK businesses who reported a breach in the last 12 months, the average annual cost is £4,180 according to Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019.

The charity sector is the worst hit with over £9,470 being the annual cost for lost data or assets after breaches.

With cyber security risks ever increasing and becoming more sophisticated, It is clear that businesses simply can't afford the cost of an attack. This makes it an imperative to put in place precautionary measures. Cyber security protects your virtual assets, including sensitive data, intellectual property, personally identifiably information and industry specific information, from damage or even theft.

How can we help?

With only  27% of businesses reporting that they provide cyber security training to their staff, there is big need right now to train your entire workforce as quickly as you can to be aware of the threats and risk to your business and their place of work. Our online video training is easily accessible and can be streamed anywhere from iPhones to iPads to Desktop computers. We can even provide them in multiple languages so your entire workforce is included in the rollout of your training content. Our trainers are able to remotely train your teams in workshop environments all completely recorded for knowledge retention and to share to team members not present during the original recording.

We are developing out a consultancy arm for our business with other services soon to follow including Penetration testing.

The REAS way of doing business

Our team conduct research into Biometrics and Internet of Things devices including Protocol Design and Cryptography. We are currently working with the IATF to develop cyber security training for the global automotive industry standards. And our team are constantly assessing the cyber security threat landscape and will be able to provide you with updates via our KonnekApp (which is in development).

How is this going to help my organisation?

You will have a dedicated team of cybers security experts to call on for support available 24/7. Your training is produced and is up to date with the latest cyber security practices from industry as well as professional research. Gain assurance that your systems have been appropriately risk assessed and that all mitigating measures have been taken to remove or reduce threats to your organisation's ability to carry out its day to day functions.

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