Why do it?

360° videos allow you to completely immerse yourself in a desired environment. They give you the control of what you see and do in that space. It's a great new way to conduct audits, training, meetings and capture live events. It is particularly useful amongst international businesses where you can view a meeting room in Taiwan from your offices in London.

360° videos are also compatible with standard video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

How can we help?

We will help you to set up the location and provide direction on the structure of the video content. Plus using our technology, we can combine the heightened sense of reality provided by 360° videos and the immersive nature of VR, providing your audience with as close to a real life experience as possible.

According to Medium, 360° videos get 300% more clicks if used in online ads.

The REAS way of doing business

We use the latest technology multi-lens 360° video cameras, including a 4 and 6 lens video cameras which are able to record in up to 8K video quality. The footage and graphics are stitched together into one seamless video, which can be viewed by using Oculus go headsets for a fully immersive experience or on a 2D screen on any smart mobile device.

How is this going to help my organisation?

360° videos allow your viewers to get a front row seat for any event, training or conference. It allows you to engage more directly on a global platform and gives your desired audience a greater insight into your business. According to Global Webindex, a quarter of VR users believe it has a strong potential for brands and marketers.

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