What is Duet AI in Google Workspace?

Duet AI: Revolutionizing Google Workspace

What is Duet AI?

Google Workspace has long been the go-to productivity tool for millions worldwide, boasting over 3 billion users. Google just introduced the next big leap in its evolution: Duet AI. This groundbreaking technology transforms Google Workspace into a real-time collaborative platform, powered by artificial intelligence.

‍Duet AI is not just another feature; it's a game-changer. Since its inception, over a million testers and thousands of companies have embraced it as a dynamic collaboration partner. It serves as a coach, a muse, and a productivity enhancer, all while prioritizing user and organizational data privacy.

How Duet AI Elevates Your Workspace Experience Effortless Task Management:

  • Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks? Duet AI is here to help. For instance, if you're an analyst tasked with a last-minute presentation, just prompt Duet AI with "create a summary of Q3 performance." It will sift through your Drive and Gmail, generating a comprehensive presentation, sparing you the all-nighter.
  • Redefining Meetings: With Duet AI, meetings are no longer a chore. It enhances your Google Meet experience with studio-quality visuals and sound. Language barriers? Not a problem. Real-time translations for 18 languages are now at your fingertips. Plus, Duet AI's "take notes for me" feature ensures you never miss a beat, capturing notes, action items, and even video snippets.
  • Stay Connected Seamlessly: Google Chat's revamped interface, powered by Duet AI, offers a more intuitive chatting experience. Need a quick team huddle? Jump into an audio-first gathering without scheduling a separate meeting. And with Duet AI's enhanced smart reply in Gmail, crafting detailed responses is just a tap away.

Your Data's Safety is the Priority

In the age of generative AI, data privacy concerns are paramount. With Duet AI, your interactions remain confidential. Google respects user privacy, ensuring that your data isn't used for model training without explicit permission. Google has also fortified their defenses against cyber threats and introduced zero trust controls for a safer workspace.

Expanding the Workspace Ecosystem

Google Workspace's open ecosystem is ever-growing. Google is collaborating with trusted tech providers, including innovators in generative AI like Typeface and Jasper. These partnerships aim to simplify workflows and introduce cutting-edge tools.

Embark on the Duet AI Journey

Google's commitment to AI has spanned over a decade, consistently aiming to enhance user experience. Duet AI is the latest endeavor to help users tap into their creativity, expertise, and ingenuity.

Ready to experience the future of productivity?