The IOAB approached us for help in creating visually impactful web banners to align with their business profile and able to portray key messages.

This image was one of three web banners provided to our client

What we did...

We were able to offer the IOAB a large selection of web banners to choose from as well as thumbnail images which matched the size and web specifications for the new IAOB website currently under development.

We made sure that the thumbnail images were: 

  • Good quality for render on HDPI screens
  • Provided in a range of size options
  • Simple and impactful in terms of visuals and messaging

We also provided web banner options which: 

  • Replicated the imagery used on the IOAB's YouTube channel
  • Looked clean and not over populated
  • Matched the branding colours of the IOAB
  • Were provided in high resolution JPEG format

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