REAS group has created a video series titled ‘Leading Business Evolution’ which is all about nurturing inclusive culture, sustainable growth and continual innovation.

The past few months have definitely caused chaos within the workplace. Our working ‘norm’ has completely shifted to where we are working from home and 9-5 has become a myth! We are juggling childcare and chores with employment and business priorities within the same space. Times like this are often scary as there is much uncertainty, however REAS Group spoke to Anne Scorey about some of the more positive changes that have occurred in our working lives as a result of the 2020 lockdown.  

Anne Scorey is currently retired from her position of Managing Director of BSI UK and, prior to that, the Regional Director of SAI Global. Anne has a wealth of knowledge as a result of her experience working in such large global corporations. We focused our conversation with Anne on people, during the course of her career Anne has managed hundreds of people which made us keen to get her insight into topics like well being, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, Furlough,  expectations, technology and much more.

Anne shared her view on best practises, new expectations and shifting priorities for businesses. Take a look at our YouTube playlist to see more of our videos with Anne.

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