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Live stream services for hybrid events

Live streaming lets you turn your events into hybrid experiences. Not only do we help you attract more attendees, but you’ll also be able to make your events accessible to those who can’t travel or afford to attend the event. Reach more people and grow your audience with a high-quality virtual experience that doesn’t compromise the in-person experience.

How does it work?

The REAS way of live streaming

Connecting video and audio  

We will asses what video and audio sources you have and where they will need to be placed in the chain of production. We use the ATEM Mini Extreme Pro ISO 8-way camera switcher to navigate between camera and video sources in real time. Our video and audio encoder enables high-quality video and audio (up to 4K) to display on multiple different social platforms simultaneously. Plus we can add pre-recorded video and imagery to our streams (for example advertisements, lower thirds, intros and outros).

Scene schedule and plan

A livestream is just like a stage performance, in the way it's planned, organised and executed. When we plan a live event, we create a schedule which splits the show into different scenes. Each one specifies what takes place in the scene, what equipment is used and what media is shown on screen at what time during the event - this acts as a cue for the livestream operators so they know what stage the show is at and as a guide for the camera operators as well.

Venue scoping

After working out how many cameras are needed for the event, we will plan and discuss where they are best placed and how they will be used to get each shot for the stream. Our typical setup is a 1-2 camera setup, however we can support up-to 8 cameras at once giving us endless capabilities when it comes to capturing an events in real-time.

Technical run-throughs

After thorough planning of your event we will set up the gear and go through the stream offline as many times as we need to perfect the cohesiveness of the scenes plus to scope out any technical issues. We will also manage run-through practises at your event location beforehand to make sure that the stream will run without fault.

Live Streaming

Our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality live streams for our clients. Each member of the team knows exactly what their role is, they are briefed before production starts and use preprepared shot lists or video schedules. Communication is vital, because once it's live there's no do-overs! So we like to stay well-prepared  to ensure smoother performance - because after all it is a show.   

Enjoy long lasting content

Once your live event has come to an end we will provide with a raw video (mp4) file so have lasting marketing content for your social platforms and website. We can also edit your entire event into smaller, easy to digest, clips to help you engage with your followers. These can be used time and time again to assist your marketing efforts. With our wide range of extra features, we've covered every base for your live event.

Why choose REAS Group?

High quality remote events

Fundamentally we care about our customers and we want you to give your audience the best possible experience, be it remote or in person, or both! This is why we use our own state of the art equipment to orchestrate our live events. Our staff undergo continuous training to stay skilled on latest technologies and software.

To ensure our clients get the best service available, we leave nothing to chance. Our live streaming solution takes care of all the online elements of your event so you can focus on what is most important. Our track record for being available, reliable and high quality ensures that your event will be a success!

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"They worked efficiently and helped to get the best out of me"

It was great working with Ajeet and Robin to film the promotional video for our SIGA SIRVS governance rating. Both showed their creativity by quickly adapting to the venue we were using and identifying the best way to capture the content to present our story in the best way. They worked efficiently and helped to get the best out of me with encouragement and suggestions which ensure the end result was of the high standard I was expecting.

David Butler
General Manager at The European Rugby League

"I would wholeheartedly recommend them!"

I have worked with the REAS Group since they were founded, and they have always provided excellent service, whether it be for projects for my own company, Quality Partner Limited, or the work on the SMMT-IAOB You Tube channel. They have always been willing and able to take my design concepts and come up with innovative and creative solutions to meet my needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend them!

Paul Hardiman
Director at Quality Partner

"They made our original concept come to life with flair and finesse"

The REAS Group team are both super creative and organised. They made our original connect come to life with flair and finesse. We absolutely love their work and have repeatedly trusted them to represent our brand, values and image.

Erica Colson
Global Marketing Lead - Product Certification