Our data scientists use math, Machine Learning, and AI to identify suitable questions and solutions.

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Data needs

Our devs are WebFlow, Google and React Developer Experts who know, use and share the latest technology updates with communities.

to begin?

To avoid going down a rabbit hole of unactionable solutions, we can help you scope what you need vs what’s nice to have.

Start with
what you know

No point searching to find new data. We drip the stuff everywhere. The question is how best to collect, dedupe and sanitize it ready for crunching quickly.

It's about
decision making

Not about making decisions. Our job is to help you understand the narrative of the story clearly and objectively so you can make better informed decisions.

Data drives better decisions

Green, Orange, Red

Triage the challenges facing your business continuously. Some problems are greater and more urgent than others when it comes to stemming the losses in cash-flow, inventory and downtime. Determine what needs to be looked at now.

Objectivity is hard

Being able to look at the data picture is one thing but recognising what you need to improve is quite another. Our team can help you look critically at what’s really important to the business and help you know what decisions need to be made.

AI is not a magic bullet

We use machine learning and AI to augment quantitative decision making not to replace it. Our team’s solid technical understanding of mathematics applied to decision making done in collaboration with AI is a more comprehensive strategy.

Knowing what
you don’t know

Data analysis requires time consuming research and can be complex for internal teams who have not encountered them previously. Our team builds expertise working across industry, absorbing the learnings and applying them to your use case.

Client spotlight

See how we use JavaScript enabled TensorFlow to predict LinkedIn engagement scores.