Alpha at Oscars

Alpha at Oscars - A luxury dining experience

Cinematic quality video adverts - take a look at this luxury dining experience with ALPHA

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Project Overview

We are currently in the process of producing a cinematic video advert for our friends at ALPHA at Oscars.

They are a private dining club based in Milton Keynes. This video will be very much focused on high-end cinematography which reflects the quality dining experience Alpha provides to its members.

Project Execution

We are working closely with the Alpha marketing team to understand what they wanted the project to look like and what their goals were for the video content.

In preparation for this project our graphics artist put together a comprehensive storyboard for the ad.

We then undertook x2 recce's, one during the day time and one during an evening setting. We decided that the evening setting was best fitting to capture the best ambiance in the restaurant.


Project yet to be completed - Watch this space! 

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