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Do you know what keyframes are and how to make them? Check our this blog by one of our design experts

Video editing is an art. It involves creativity, aesthetics, and an understanding of the medium to produce a compelling narrative.

The video editing process consists of three core steps:  

1)    Capturing footage.

2)    Logging footage into video editing software.

3)    Editing the clips.

In this series of blogs, I will cover some concepts which will give you a head start in your journey to become a video editor.


Video Hack Series: Guite to Keyframes

A "Keyframe" is one frame (or still image) in a series of frames (or images) that makes up a videoclip or animation sequence. You can edit keyframes by changing the duration or pace of each frame to make your edits smoother and more realistic.

An edit point (also known as 'cut') between two shots indicates that there has been some change in the scene which has motivated this change. Cuts can be made to help increase or decrease tension; for example, fast cuts are used to increase the drama.

What is Key framing?

The term “Key Framing” is a basic concept of animation and filmmaking that focuses on the beginning and ending point of the desired video clip.

In professional terms, these drawings or images are referred to as “frames”. This is because the smallest unit to specify the position of a drawing in time is fully dependent on the “frames” available in the strip of a film.

Suppose your video is processed at 30fps, which means 30frames are being displayed over the screen in a matter of a single second.Depending upon your video clip, different key-frames can be opted, where in each frame is distinguishing from one another and have the ability of taking different set of parameters for different properties like opacity, scale, position etc.

Breaking the process of making an animation in simpler steps:

·      Decide on the initial state of the animation with a specific set of properties

·      Create the beginning keyframe.

·      Go to the time by which you want the animation to end

·      Alter the set of properties of the selected object. In the majority of the cases, the end keyframe is created automatically on the timeline. If not, then create one.

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