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Ditch the Dense Manuals: How Social Media Can Supercharge Your Training Sales

Struggling to sell your training content? Discover how to ditch the dense manuals and create engaging, bite-sized content that resonates with your audience. Explore a real-life case study that demonstrates the power of social media in boosting sales.

REAS Group


Today's learners seek concise, captivating, and visually stimulating content that facilitates knowledge acquisition efficiently. This is where social media steps in as a powerful tool to boost your training content sales.

Why Social Media?

People are busy. Dense manuals simply don't fit into their schedules. Social media, however, offers a platform for short, impactful learning experiences. By making learning fun and visually appealing, you can reach a wider audience and capture their attention.

The Power of Engaging Content: A Case Study

Let's take a look at our client, a company specializing in IATF 16949 Auditing for the automotive industry. As a leading provider of Automotive Auditing education, they were looking for innovative ways to connect with their audience and showcase the value of their training programs.

The Solution: Scenario-Based Learning

We partnered with them to create high-quality, scenario-based videos. These videos not only educated viewers on the topic, but also provided a realistic glimpse into the actual auditing process for large manufacturers. This approach offered immense value while keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

Beyond Production: Building a Community

Our approach went beyond simply filming and uploading content. We collaborated with the client to develop a social media campaign specifically tailored to their audience's interests. We utilized LinkedIn, a platform known for its professional communities, to spark conversations and generate a steady stream of questions.

Harnessing Audience Insights

These audience questions became the foundation for even more targeted content. We created additional videos specifically designed to address their niche queries. This approach created a snowball effect, fostering continuous growth and engagement. As a result, the channel has seen tremendous success, reaching nearly 10,000 subscribers.

Ready to Supercharge Your Training Sales?

Social media offers a dynamic platform to transform your training content. By creating engaging, visually appealing content that caters to your audience's needs, you can turn social media into a powerful sales tool. Schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you develop a social media strategy to skyrocket your training content sales.