Antoinette Oglethorpe
Video & Product Launch
since 2023
Antoinette Oglethorpe Ltd is a multi-award-winning professional training and coaching company specialising in career management and mentoring.

Our unique models, tools and templates empower employees to take ownership of their career development with support from their manager and organisation.
We helped Antoinette Oglethorpe to promote and showcase her new book "Confident Career Conversations" by creating a comprehensive book launch event and marketing package. This package included a pre-book launch teaser video, filming the event, taking behind-the-scenes footage, filming and editing a promo video, and creating 2 banners.

Our services helped to generate excitement and buzz for her new book. The book launch event was a great way to introduce the book to potential readers and media outlets. Utilising our professional graphic designer, we constructed 2 banners for the book-launch event to promote the book and Antoinette's services. During the event our team went the extra mile to decorate the room with drawing illustrations from Antoinette’s book and coloured-lighting to create a room catered to her branding. 

Using Netflix approved cameras, we created high-quality video content that was used to promote her book and business. The behind-the-scenes footage and promo video were used on Antoinette's website, social media, and in email marketing campaigns. We helped develop reach for potential clients and readers, and establish Antoinette as a thought leader in the career coaching industry.
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