360°video service

360° videos are compatible with standard platforms like YouTube or Vimeo

We use Netflix-approved cameras and industry standards lighting and grip equipment

What can 360°video content do for your business?

Versatile: 360° videos can be used for a variety of purposes, such as product demos, virtual tours, training, and events, making it a versatile tool for businesses

Enhanced user engagement: 360° videos allow the viewer to have a fully immersive experience, they’re an effective way to capture the audience's attention and engage them in your content.

Increased brand awareness: with 360° video, businesses can create unique and memorable experiences for their audience, helping them to stand out and increase brand recognition.

Accessible: 360° videos can be easily shared and viewed across multiple platforms, including social media, websites, and virtual reality headsets, making them accessible to a wider audience.

We use Netflix-approved cameras and industry standards lighting and grip equipment

How is our content process going?

How is the content production process going?

1. Scoping your requirement:

We will arrange an initial scoping meeting to discuss your requirements and understand your vision. We'll then come back to you with a bespoke proposal and project plan which will be confirmed with stakeholders in a second project meeting.

2. Pre-Production

During the pre-production stage, we will ensure mood boards/storyboards are approved by your team, recces are completed and any filming permissions are obtained.

3. Production

We'll film your project using our suite of industry-leading equipment. During this phase, we'll ensure we have a production manager, production assistant, videographer and director on site to ensure we meet project goals.

4. Post-Production and Distribution

We use platforms like Adobe suite and Final Cut Pro to produce great end results. Our audio expert can also produce engaging soundtracks and powerful sound effects to take your video to the next level! We will provide your content back to you in the most suitable format ready to be displayed on your chosen platform.

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