Do you sell show homes, commercial or residential property?
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Why consider 360° content?

  • Proven to reduce the time a house will spend on the market by around 31% ( average listing is 65-70days
  • When Google trialled adverts with this kind of content, it received 41% more interaction (in shares, views and subscribes) (
  • On average, we saw an 85% VCR (Video Completion Rate) for 360° video creative. This was a 46% improvement over the 2D videos which had an average VCR of 58.2%. (

Why choose REAS to produce your 360° video content?

  • Despite this being a fairly new phenomenon, our professional media production team have completes a plethora of 360° videos already. We have headed the production of and editing of various 360° online media content for the likes of the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Spaces.
  • We'll handle every part of the content production process, from booking in time to record with your staff to ensuring the content stays consistent with your brand.
  • The best part is that your content just works! No images that don't display, dodgy audio, shaky or dark videos or technical difficulties transcoding! Simply content that your customers can engage with and learn from.

Our Standard Video Categories

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Residential Homes
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Show Homes
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Commercial Property
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* Added extras include, filming additional rooms, set up and management of YouTube channel, multiple call outs per room etc

Our pricing model for video is structured on a per video basis and is dependent on which of the above categories your needs fall into. To receive a bespoke quote for 360 ° video or other types of media like PDFs, GIFs, PNGs, Audio, livestreams please contact us.

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